My husband and I hired Mrs. Williams as our attorney for several different services. She has represented us in a positive respectful manner and completed each task thoroughly. She was prompt in answering and returning all my phone calls, processing my payments and provides professional customer service.

First off, I dreaded the process of our Estate Planning. I never thought I would get it done and put it off for too long. Jen not only encouraged me to go through the process but she walked me through every step with ease. Many aspects of a “will” I did not understand and many more I never even considered. I felt not a second of my time or money was wasted and she made the experience a wonderful one.

In closing we would like to say it makes life easier when you have a trustworthy, affordable, knowledgeable, friendly and respectable lawyer representing you with an impeccable attention to detail. A legal service of this magnitude is not only impressive but rare.

We would like to thank you Mrs. Williams for your service.
— P.P. & K.P

Very Pleased!!
I could not be happier with the services I received from Jennifer A. Williams. She is extremely efficient and professional. She was responsive to my phone calls and emails and always available to answer questions.
— Allison

What I liked most about the service Jennifer provides is that its cautious and thorough. She was careful to not make assumptions or risk pursuing legal goals that were off the mark. Thereafter she was attentive to make sure we got what we asked for and our needs were fulfilled. Really, what is more important than these qualities in a trusted legal counselor?
— Matt

I am very pleased with all the services provided by Jennifer Williams. I struggled for years trying to find an attorney that would help my with my custody agreement. Ms. Williams accomplished more in 6 months than any other attorney I interviewed would have even recommended. I have not had much involvement with legal battles, but she made the experience comfortable. She explained the process very clearly and was willing to listen to my point of view. She was very polite and professional during a difficult time.
— Samantha